Pocky Japanese Cookies Targets Millennial Moms

Pocky is targeting West Coast millennial moms with its first major brand campaign in the United States.

The effort from the iconic Japanese cooky and its agency of record, RPA, emphasizes that when you share Pocky, you share happiness.

The “Share Happiness” campaign aims to remind viewers that Pocky is the perfect snack to share. The digital-only campaign includes five videos, including a 15-second holiday themed effort.

A 30-second spot anchors the effort, which introduces the U.S. market to the biscuits covered in creamy chocolate, a Japanese staple since 1966.

Parent company Ezaki Glico conducted an agency review for the Pocky brand earlier in 2018.  RPA was selected in August as its agency of record, handling strategy, creative, production, media planning and buying and social media. 



Pocky started to get the word out to the U.S. in 2016 with a traveling mobile pop-up. Paula Zarlenga, RPA’s business operations manager, tweeted to Pocky in April 2016 inviting them to set up near the RPA offices in Santa Monica. “RPA would welcome you with open arms,” read her tweet.

Pocky has a hugely passionate fan base, says David Morita, head of marketing at Ezaki Glico USA.

“Our challenge is to remind people of the joy of sharing happiness, and remind them they can find it in their local grocery store’s Asian food aisle,” Glico says in a release. Although the campaign targets the Wrst Coast, the cookie is distributed nationwide.

Exclusively targeted to the West Coast, a key region for the brand, the campaign brings Pocky's playful nature to life online with multiple digital videos running on sites like PopSugar, social media units on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and pre-roll and interactive units. 

Each of the videos reminds viewers of all the different sharing occasions, like traveling, New Year’s parties or moments at the office. The “Anthem” spot demonstrates that sharing Pocky transforms into “3 Belly Laughs,” “4 Smiles,” “2 I Love Yous,” “6 New Friends,” and “4 Conversation Starters.”

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