Sovrn Acquires VigLink, Deepens Ecommerce Opportunities For Publishers

Publisher-focused technology firm and programmatic ad exchange Sovrn has acquired VigLink. San Francisco-based VigLink brings with it a collection of tools that will allow Sovrn to provide its 25,000-plus website customers to better incorporate ecommerce into their revenue plans.

Through Sovrn’s acquisition of VigLink, the company creates a portfolio of more than 50,000 independent publisher sites and reaches 250 million+ consumers daily.

“Sovrnand VigLink had a high proportion of crossover with the pool of publishers with whom they worked. This acquisition creates more synergy,” Andy Evans, CMO at Sovrn, told Publishers Daily.

VigLink works by tracking content and helping publishers find links within it that can help generate revenue. On average, VigLink generates over $1 billion in revenue through consumer purchases.

Sovrn is focused on “trying to understand what content engagement and quality content really means to the consumer,” said Evans, in order to “help their publishers generate more revenue, more subscriptions, and more clicks that lead to ecommerce opportunities.”



He added publishers will also be able to diversity through subscriptions.

According to Evans, the acquisition of VigLink is part of a plan toward building a bigger holistic solution. Through VigLinks portfolio of products, Sovrn can help publishers make money outside of ad tech.

“Sovrn aims to make processes smoother for publishers by taking on the ‘pains’ of running a website. They have acquired the tools to build a company in order to provide publishers with the solutions they need,” Evans said.
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