Leadspace And Bombora Team Up To Drive Account-Based Marketing

Leadspace and Bombora have formed a partnership to help B2B brands pursue personalized customer engagement, the firms announced this week. 

Bombora will contribute its Company Surge, a product that allows sales and marketing teams to determine the most relevant content and improve email response, the firms say.

The objective is to add “another, crucial layer of intelligence,” states Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher.

Leadspace, a customer data platform for B2B marketers, will provide predictive and persona scores. Combined with B2B intent data, its customers can pursue account-based marketing (ABM), it says.

Some clients have tried the combined service.

“It’s helped us improve pipeline quality and marketing engagement -- for example increasing email open rates by 60% and doubling reply rates - and dramatically speed up sales cycles,” states David Tam, director of marketing at joint client OneLogin. 



Tam adds that “account-based strategies require a high level of personalization.”

Leadspace and Bombora claim the arrangement will help firms:

- Automate sales outreach by indicating when prospects are interested in topics

- Attain marketing and sales prioritization, combining intent scoring and predictive scoring models

-  Identify new prospects based on interest in content topics

-  Create personalized marketing and ad campaigns

ABM is based on account-list building and engagement.



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