Colgate Total To Make Its Super Bowl Debut

Colgate made a big splash in the 2016 Super Bowl with an ad that didn’t tout a product. Instead, it urged viewers to be mindful of not wasting water by turning off the tap when brushing their teeth. (Except for spitting and rinsing, of course.) 

In February, Colgate will be back in big game using celebrity talent — actor Luke Wilson — and hoping for some laughs as Wilson does shtick to promote Colgate Total. 

Colgate agency RedFuse will develop the spot, which will be directed by Bryan Buckle,y a commercial veteran who has done dozens of Super Bowl ads. 

Not much more on the content yet, but a rep hints you should think “close talker.” You know -- those people that "Seinfeld" parodied so well. Those who get too close to you and yack away — and all you want to do is turn and run in the opposite direction but for some reason don’t. 

It’s the first time Colgate is promoting its 20-year Total brand in the Super Bowl. A rep says it’s part of the brand’s “biggest launch” since its debut. “Colgate Total reinvented the toothpaste category in 1997, and with this year’s Super Bowl, they’re kicking off a whole new era in oral care,” the rep says. 



Can’t wait to hear more. There is this: the 30-second ad will air nationally in the second commercial break of the third quarter. 

So stay tuned.


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