OTT Ad Views Soar In Q3, Total Digital Ad Views Up 26%

OTT platforms in the third quarter recorded a continuous spike in premium digital video advertising views, according to FreeWheel, the digital advertising server platform for many TV networks.

OTT enabled-platform device use grew 45% in the third quarter versus the same period the year before to now comprise a leading 41% share.

Overall digital ad views grew 26% in the third quarter -- owned and operated content companies growing 19% (now with a 60% share of all ad views). Syndicated content went 31% higher (a 40% share).

Multichannel video program distributors (MVPDs) -- cable, satellite and telco companies -- witnessed 87% growth of their internet-connected platforms (a 25% share of all syndicated content) for ad viewers, with 11% ad view increases to their set-top box platforms (a 41% share).



Portals remain the largest stake of syndicated premium content with a 34% share, growing by 38% in the third quarter.

Digital video advertising views for live content rose 56% in the third quarter of this year, with full program advertising views up 27%. Full program views have a 56% share of all premium content ad views; live programming, a 33% share; and clips (up to five minutes), 11%.

FreeWheel says live content ad views took in a slightly smaller share in the third quarter than previous quarters, due to fewer marquee sporting events like the Super Bowl.

In addition to strong ad view growth for OTT platform enabled-devices in the period, FreeWheel says smartphone ad views grew 63% (a 19% share); set-top box VOD 11% more (17% share); desktop, down 4% (16%); and tablet, up 12% (7% share).

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