Dining In 2019: Cannabis Drinks, Lots Of Veggies -- Don't Forget The Nootropics

Nothing could be worse than ushering in a new year with “old” food and beverage -- again.

Food and Drink Resources, a Centennial, Colo.-based research and marketing company that works with a long list of restaurants and food and drink makers, has revealed its list of likely trends for 2019. They lean toward natural foods and vegetables that haven’t gotten as much attention before, or old foods given fresh spins.

The list includes good-bacteria-cultured butter, with “a complex creamy and acidic flavor” unlike butter we know, and “fermented everything” like turnip greens and mushrooms.

Food and Drink also forecasts more “Israeli-inspired fare” (dates, pistachios, mint) and “more authentic and creative Latin cuisine, like the Peruvian, Guatemalan, and Mexican dishes that Grandma still likes to make.”



The list also tacks on one trend -- fancier ice cream creations -- that's seemingly already in progress, just to make sure trend-setters don’t forget it.

Otherwise,  here’s what’s happening next:

-- Nootropics, because, “These days, there’s buzz around functional ingredients. Functional = food that supports your body’s or your mind’s health.” You are likely already eating some of these nootropic foods -- but be prepared to learn more about how eggs, extra virgin olive oil, blueberries, and other foods could improve your brain function.

-- Loaded cocktails: cocktails with elaborate garnishes that replace the old standards. The lime wedge is officially out, according to Food and Drink.

--  CBD cocktails and coffee drinks will be coming on fast, spawned by the move toward cannabis legalization nationwide. Food and Drink notes that already “there are a number of bars and restaurants that create 21+ beverages with CBD-infused sugar.”

-- Wild greens like dandelion, mustard, and chicory green will land on the table and in our food. That must go hand-in-hand with the trend toward “fine dining veggie”: diners will see upscale restaurants adding vegetarian main dishes in 2019.

-- “Ugly produce” is also now getting its day. “Chefs and buyers with flexibility in what they purchase are taking a stand and choosing ugly produce” -- not-so-perfect looking fruits and vegetables that previously ended up in compost piles or buried in landfills.

-- Georgian cuisine and wine, which celebrates the Caucasus region of Eurasia,  will get bigger in 2019. “For the last two years on our trends list, we have mentioned khachapuri, a Georgian-style pizza that is available at Compass Rose in Washington, D.C.,” Food and Drink writes. “Now the owner of Compass Rose has evolved from Georgian street food to a Georgian influenced full range menu at one of the newest ‘best restaurants’ in the country at MAYDN.”

(Another trend noted by Food and Drink is one of restaurants either referring to themselves in all-capital or all lower-case letters. Though we referred to the restaurant above in all caps, it was just an example.  The Associated Press Stylebook and most news organizations, including this one, don’t go in for that style. That’s not likely to change in 2019.)

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