A-B InBev's 'Smart Drinking' Campaign

Anheuser-Busch InBev's Harbin Beer is diverting away from advocacy campaigns that typically rely on shock and awe to prevent drunk driving to instead use positive images of a “bright future” to show what drunk drivers can lose.

The "Smart Drinking. Don’t Drink&Drive” creative, developed by BBH China, centers on a :90-second film that opens with a teen (China's legal drinking age is 18) leaving a birthday celebration after having a few drinks. While walking toward his car, his keys are grabbed by a stranger and he finds himself in the midst of an imaginary journey, where he is transported into his future as a basketball player; a lead singer; and meeting the girl of his dreams, before revealing that the stranger is actually his future self, to underscore these things won't happen if he gets behind the wheel.

In addition to TV and online platforms, the campaign includes social and OOH media. The pop-up "Lost & Found Museum" in Shanghai features 52 art installations by 11 upcoming Chinese artists and includes an OOH sculptural installation that shows a crushed car filled with objects representing young people’s future aspirations, like traveling or finding love.



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