AT&T's Turner, Xandr Units Partner For Enhanced Ad Opportunities

Six months after it completed its acquisition of Time Warner, and three months after it officially unveiled the Xandr advertising business unit, AT&T is having those units partner together to create new enhanced advertising opportunities.

At the Consumer Electronics Show Tuesday, Xandr and Turner announced four new opportunities it will bring to market in 2019. The company will also leverage the 170 million direct-to-consumer relationships it has in the mobility and DirecTV space in its ad opportunities.

President of Turner Ad Sales Donna Speciale stated that the partnership with Xandr will “supercharge our capabilities already out in the marketplace.”

Xandr will be bringing first-party data gathered from AT&T set-top boxes to Turner’s AudienceNOW ad solution. The company says that with this new data, Turner’s networks can more carefully target their advanced advertising, with significantly faster turnaround of campaign posting. 

AT&T’s mobility unit served as a test-case and found its campaigns reached 30% more of the defined audience segment.

Similarly, Xandr will be bringing its Audience Segments to Turner’s digital properties, which include Bleacher Report and CNN Digital. Marketers will still be able to buy direct from Turner or transact programmatic ads.

Later this year, advertisers that partner with Turner on branded content campaigns will be able to extend those campaigns across Xandr’s addressable TV footprint of 15 million homes. Hewlett Packard Enterprise and L’Oreal have signed as two of the first partners to bring their branded content to Xandr’s addressable solution.

Xandr and Turner say they will be bringing more advanced and detailed attribution to the table, measuring specific traits that are key to each advertiser.

The partnership is fulfilling AT&T's goal: bringing together content with first-party data to create enhanced advertising opportunities.

While the new offerings unveiled this week are not the end-game, they mark the first concrete steps AT&T has taken since completing its various acquisitions over the past year and formally launching Xandr.

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