Inscape Monitors 10M Connected TV Devices

Inscape, Vizio’s automatic content recognition (ACR) research unit, with data coming largely from smart TVs -- says it now monitors some 10 million connected TV devices.

The company says the research -- used by TV networks, media agencies, ad tech, and research companies -- is the largest single-source opt-in smart TV viewing research in the U.S.

Previously, Inscape was around the 9 million mark.

Media/advertiser researcher uses Inscape’s TV panel to provide measurements for major brands/advertiser across all categories. Inscape says it was key piece a recent deal made with NBCUniversal for advertising and business outcome data.

Vizio’s data subsidiary Inscape now accounts for roughly 20% of all connected TVs in America. Inscape is the only ACR provider with access to Vizio smart TV data.

Overall, Samsung and Vizio together account for 72% of the smart TV market.

Smart TVs are projected to be in 75% of U.S. homes by 2022. Currently, eMarketer says 37.2% of U.S. TV homes -- 46 million -- have smart TVs.

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