UFC Moves Fight From Vegas To LA, Resells Tickets In Days Using Programmatic DOOH

The UFC had to move its 232 fight scheduled for December 29 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles -- less than a week before the event -- after the Nevada Athletic Commission would not license the headline fighter, Jon Jones, to participate in Nevada. He tested positive for a prohibited substance banned in Nevada, but not in California.

The UFC executed the campaign to switch the fight's location just days before, with UFC’s out-of-home (OOH) ad agency, Outdoor Solutions, using Adomni’s self-service online platform.

The campaign ran two versions of the advertisement. One promoted the men’s top billed matches, and the other promoted the women’s matches. 

Michael Skenandore, president at Outdoor Solutions, which spearheaded the campaign, said the company has worked with the UFC for years, but this is the first time they needed to change locations on such short notice for one of their biggest fights of the year. “The interesting holiday timing added a challenge,” he said.

Broadsign’s Reach, a network of programmatic, media for digital-out-of-home screens (DOOH), made it possible to find digital boards at the perfect location at the correct time for people to see them. 

Adomni CEO Jonathan Gudai said the UFC refunded all the tickets sold for the fight in Nevada and resold the event —  a sellout in Los Angeles —  within six days. “This being a New Year’s weekend fight, it was very controversial,” he said. “The value of the fight was so important that if this fighter didn’t fight it would have cost the UFC tens of millions of dollars.”

The DOOH campaign — which ran between December 26 and December 29 —  for the fight at the Los Angeles Forum sold out at around 16,000 seats.

For now, DOOH is the only media advertiser that can buy on Adomni’s platform, but Gudai said that later in the first quarter, the company will add mobile.

In February, Adomni will roll out a platform that allows advertisers to search by audience segment. If a healthy snack-food company wants to reach women who go to the gym, the platform will serve up a list of “scored” boards catering to that audience.

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