Twitter Warns Android Users: Tweets May Be Exposed

Starting off the new year with a fresh security breach, Twitter is warning Android users that their private tweets might have been exposed.

“We’ve become aware of an issue in Twitter for Android that disabled the Protect Your Tweets setting if certain account changes were made,” the company revealed on Thursday.

Android users might have been impacted if they had protected Tweets turned on in their settings -- and made certain changes to their settings, such as changing the email address associated with their account -- since late 2014.

At least for now, Twitter is insisting that iOS users were not affected by this latest breach.

Along with an official apology, the social network says it is in the process of informing users who might have been impacted by the issue.

For Twitter, this is just the latest failure to properly protect users’ privacy.

Just last month, the company alerted users to a bug that potentially exposed the country code of their personal phone numbers, as well as whether their accounts had been locked by the social giant.

As with previous attacks on its platform, Twitter suspects foreign actors might have been involved in last month’s breach.

During its investigation, the company said it noticed unusual activity involving the affected customer support form API. Specifically, it observed a large number of inquiries coming from individual IP addresses located in China and Saudi Arabia.

Of course, Twitter isn’t the only social network struggling to keep users’ information secure.

Last month, Facebook admitted it might have mistakenly overshared the photos of nearly 7 million users.

Facebook’s issue stemmed from a photo API bug, which Facebook believed might have affected those who used Facebook Login,  then granted permission to third-party apps to access their personal pictures.

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