MRP Links With Oracle To Drive ABM-Based Email

MRP, a provider of customer acquisition software, is collaborating with Oracle Marketing Cloud to help B2B brands send personalized emails as part of their account-based marketing (ABM) programs.

The objective is to help marketers “drive and measure revenue impact” through email and ABM, states Jim Regan, co-founder and chief marketing officer of MRP.

The arrangement links MRP Prelytix and Oracle Eloqua.

MRP Prelytix facilitates the building of segments based on firmographic, demographic and engagement data.

In its announcement, MRP says firms can use “a master Eloqua instance” connected to MRP Prelytix or connect an “existing Eloqua instance.”

"One of the greatest opportunities in ABM today is to integrate the data and messaging of marketing's most valuable communication channel, email marketing," Regan states.

"While email remains an indispensable tool for B2B marketers, it's frequently disconnected from their account-based marketing strategy," adds Pierre Custeau, vice president of product management Eloqua at Oracle.





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