Phone Calls Outpace Email In Auto Buying, Study Finds

A new study by Marchex shows that 28% of consumers who call auto dealerships purchase a vehicle. But there is bad news for email specialists in the findings.

Sales calls produce an average conversion that is four times that of email, the study adds.

The takeaway is that potential buyers who call have clearly moved beyond email communications, the study says. In addition, the study found that top-performing salespeople are 12% more likely to set up an appointment by phone.

“With mobile adoption, consumers can research online and click-to-call car dealers in real-time, showing a high intent to purchase,” states Matt Muilenburg, head of automotive at Marchex. “It’s clear that phone calls not only matter to businesses, but are a viable revenue source for brands - especially within the auto industry,” he adds.

Marchex examined 307,000 inbound phone calls to 650 dealerships nationwide.




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