Super Bowl Brands Hold Back Pre-Ads/Message Content

Super Bowl advertisers are continuing the trend of the last several years — not airing actual creative content closer to the game.

With a week to go before the big TV NFL event on February 3, twenty-four brands with 60 pieces of creative -- teasers and pre-release Super Bowl commercials -- have aired on TV through January 27, totaling $2.9 million in TV spend, according to, the media advertising research company.

TV ad data is down from the same period a year ago  -- a week before the game -- when 36 brands aired 86 creative pieces ($38.8 million in TV spend).

In 2017, 48 brands aired 128 pieces of Super Bowl creative ($21.1 million). 2016 witnessed 61 brands and 171 creative pieces ($23.3 million).

Similarly, online views of pre-Super Bowl content have seen lower results a week before the game to be aired -- 28.4 million so far in 2019.

Data includes Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and major search engines. A year ago, there were 61.7 million online views. In 2017, there were 67 million online views.



2016 had the most online views for pre-Super Bowl advertising content -- 128.8 million, compared to 52.1 million in 2015.

Social actions connected to this online activity have also generally declined -- 146,314 this year compared to 108,609 in 2018; 446,769 in 2017; 1.8 million in 2016 and 1.4 million in 2015.

Kia Motors has been the most aggressive result this year in terms of pre-release Super Bowl messaging. Its Super Bowl spot -- talking about directing big celebrity Super Bowl endorsements paychecks back toward regular people -- has already aired 31 times, totaling $2.5 million in TV advertising spend.

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