Ad Execs: 'Premium' Is Just Another Word For Nothing Better To Choose

Advertising and media industry pros like to throw the word "premium" around to help differentiate valuable ad inventory from commodities, but the term often seems relative, depending on who is expressing it. To suppliers, "premium" often means whatever inventory yields the highest price. To ad execs, it typically means which inventory delivers the best results.

As part of it's 2019 Video Convergence Report, Advertiser Perceptions asked a representative sample of advertiser and agency executives which attributes factor the most in terms of how they define "premium" digital video advertising inventory.
The No. 1 response, interestingly, was a consumer-centric one: that it is "content consumers come back to regularly."
Tied for No. 2 were that it is content that is "professionally produced" and that it is content target audiences seek out.
Content that contributes meaningful reach to a media plan ranked third.

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