Study: Talent Top Concern In Building In-House Media Ops

Media/advertising consultant ID Comms is out with a new report that shows that more marketers have added internal media planning capabilities in the last two years, although talent is still the top concern.

Why? Because there’s greater interest in completing and activating in-house media operations but also a desire to more effectively oversee the efforts of external media agency partners.

ID Comms’ Susy Pyzer-Knapp says marketers realize that “in-house teams often don’t have a complete grip on many of the issues thrown up by the shift to digital and biddable media buying.”

Interestingly, while marketer clients and their media agencies have been at loggerheads over transparency and other issues the past several years, brands appear more confident now than in the past about their agencies’ ability to meet changing needs in the media landscape.

The ID Comms 2018 Global Media Talent Report also found that advertiser talent focus has zeroed in on areas like ecommerce and data.

And clients want agencies to invest more in two important areas: mobile and media planning.

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