Amobee, Nielsen Sign Data Deal, Enhances Efficient Ad Targeting

Ad-technology company Amobee and Nielsen have reached an agreement. Nielsen will give Amobee access to its television viewing and online media consumption data, through Nielsen’s Enterprise Audience API.

Nielsen’s data, combined with first-party data and other sources, will allow for more precise and efficient targeting and campaigns. Amobee says it is one of the first firms to integrate the Nielsen API into its platform.

“When advertisers combine network, daypart and other program-level TV insights against first-party data or other important transactional data sets, they gain a much deeper understanding of the effectiveness of TV advertising and sponsorship in driving digital KPIs and online conversions, among other metrics,’ Aleck Schleider, senior vice president, client and data strategy, Amobee tells Digital News Daily.

It also gives advertisers invaluable insight into the share of voice by competitive brands, allowing them to use data to learn where their competitors are advertising on television and see where there is white space and opportunity to insert themselves.”

The ultimate goal is to have a single view of consumer consumption across platforms, be it linear TV or digital, with ad targeting capabilities that match those metrics.

While the Nielsen-Amobee deal doesn’t solve those problems, it moves the ball closer to that ultimate goal.

“Being able to measure consumers exposure to ads across all those channels and devices to understand and drive actionable insights for the overall effectiveness of the channels and media being consumed, can only be done when there is single view of those consumers,” Schleider says.

Additionally, there’s a single metric that can be established across all these channels via the likes of TV Ad Ratings, Digital Ad Ratings and Total Ad Ratings, further helping create an approved way to measure all channels, even when it comes to walled gardens. This is great for advertisers who largely want a common metric of measurement.”

Amobee has been aggressively expanding its presence in the advanced TV and video advertising space since acquiring the assets of Videology last year. The Nielsen deal furthers its reach.

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