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Progressive Offers Cash For Clicking

With the thought that viewers might be feeling some post-Super Bowl ad fatigue, Progressive Insurance is taking a creative approach to reengage potential customers. 

The Cleveland-based insurance company is launching a unique banner ad campaign themed “Clickbacks,” running Feb. 18-22 and created by its in-house ad agency, 96 Octane. 

“In an era when people are more attentive than ever before to what’s real and what’s not, Progressive is offering real consumers a real chance to win cold hard cash,” according to the company. “Fifty lucky people that click on the new Progressive banner ads will win $668, the average annual amount saved from switching to Progressive.”



The campaign will leverage all existing Progressive banner ad creative. Consumers simply click on Progressive ads to find those that offer them a chance to win the money. The company will select 50 random people.

The campaign is being promoted on social channels. Progressive created a video explaining the overview of the campaign, which is available on the sweepstake’s official rules page.  It ends with: “The one ad you wished you’d clicked.”

The goal of the effort is to give back to consumers by rewarding them for the time they spend with the brand, says Cat Kolodij, Progressive business leader, marketing strategy.

“Today, people are more aware than ever of what’s real and what’s not," Kolodij tells Marketing Daily. "People get frustrated when marketers interrupt them with advertising. By creating a sweepstakes with real money behind our ads -- the latest in our long history of marketing firsts -- we’re able to replace gimmicks with cash while also sharing our savings message.”

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