Bud Reserve Copper Lager Ad With Charlize Theron To Air During Oscars

Budweiser will spotlight its Reserve Copper Lager during Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast, with an ad starring actress Charlize Theron.

Fifteen-second versions of the new creative, from VaynerMedia, have already begun airing; the Oscars will mark the television debut of the 60-second version.

The full-length ad (below) shows Theron in a bar, beating all comers at pool, darts and even arm wrestling, while managing to hold onto a glass of the limited-edition lager. Dubbed “The New Bud in Town,” the ad is backed by Run-D.M.C.’s “It’s Tricky.”

Anheuser-Busch InBev had originally planned to air the ad as one of eight across five brands during this year’s Super Bowl.

Instead, it decided to hold the Copper Lager ad featuring the Oscar-winning actress for the Oscars, and aired additional ads for Bud Light during the Super Bowl. Bud Light ultimately had two 15-second spots, as well as its originally announced two 60-second ads, during the game. As planned, AB InBev also bowed the 60-second version of its “Wind Never Felt Better” creative for the master Budweiser brand.



Launched last August, Reserve Copper Lager — aged on Jim Beam bourbon barrel staves and packaged in a vintage, stubby bottle — has been the most successful release to date from Budweiser’s Reserve collection, reports AB InBev. As a result, the lager’s availability is being extended through this spring.

Budweiser is also using behind-the-scenes footage from the ad’s shoot as part of the campaign.

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