WPP, Google's Waze To Collaborate On Retail Campaigns

WPP and Waze said today they are collaborating on efforts to make it simpler for retail brands to run campaigns on Waze, the social navigation app owned by Google.

Waze has more than 100 million monthly active drivers globally.

The partnership, designed to direct drivers to retail locations via in-route messaging, will launch in Canada, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States this year.

Samuel Keret, global director of Waze Ads, said: “We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate closely with WPP and its global client base, sharing best practice and creating optimal solutions to drive in-store foot traffic for WPP’s many consumer product clients.”

Keret added: “This is the first collaborative relationship Waze has undertaken with agency partners to explore and identify shopper marketing-specific creative solution needs.”



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