Agencies Kick Off Summer Intern Search

Several agencies are embarking on their annual agency search for summer interns.

Minneapolis-based Mono is pitting potential candidates against real agency staffers with its mono a mono" challenge. 

“We’re a nimble, competitive agency,” says Brian Platt, creative director, mono. “We’re often going up against huge, global agencies in RFPs. But bigger doesn’t mean better -- we’re punching above our weight, winning business thanks to our no-holds-barred approach. And while everyone is on the hunt for smart talent, this year we’re focusing on a recruitment process that finds people who share our same competitive edge.” 

The 24-hour challenge directs applicants to submit basic information between noon Feb. 22 and noon Feb. 23 here. They will then be placed in a queue where they will compete against mono employees in one of 100 challenges, ranging from an ugly cry-off to a Gollum face challenge to a floss-off, (candidate’s choice, teeth or the dance). iPhones will be called via Facetime and Androids will be called via Google Hangouts. 



The the shop will follow up with emails about where to send a resume, cover letter and portfolio if applicable. The agency plans on releasing a video compilation of some of the best moments.

While not technically a summer intern program, another Minneapolis agency Yamamoto is launching The Mountaineers apprenticeship for those looking for a longer, more serious commitment. The program's name is a nod to the Japanese translation of Yamamoto, which means “base of the mountain.”

Two Mountaineers will be selected to join the MDC Partners agency's first-ever program that assigns actual client work during the apprenticeship's June 3 to Nov. 1 period. At the end, candidates have the potential of being offered full-time positions. Applications are currently being accepted through March 15 at

The Community's intern program is aptly titled "Community College" to play on continuing learning even after school but in an agency setting. The agency has structured the curriculum with lectures and 101’s “on campus”, with agency president Luis Montero serving as the dean of students. There is also a culturally immersive mid-program field trip as well as group projects, end of program presentations and “graduation.”  

The agency recruits at select schools and by hosting annual creative boot-camps for those already ad-focused or considering a career change. Interested candidates can also apply via

Beyond having its standard application on its website, Austin's T3 also reaches out to area schools for potential interns and promises participants they will do more than sharpen pencils and fetch coffee. They are "up to their ears in everything from strategy and experience design to creative and data analysis," says an agency representative.   

Berlin Cameron (BC) is seeking five or six "collaborative, creatively driven, strategic minded individuals" to join its eight-week program. "Not only do they join the Berlin Cameron team, they become part of a larger team within WPP," states the pitch to recruits. 

Depending on the discipline, each intern helps out a specific team that varies by department and project. However, each all are held accountable for client deliverables. In addition to the work that they are assigned per team, the intern cohort is tasked with building a campaign for a client or prospective client that is presented at the end of the internship. BC emphasizes the potential opportunities not only within BC but as part of the larger team at parent WPP. 

SS+K's DNA prides itself on creating a "uniquely tailored intern class each summer."   
Selected candidates go through two rounds of interviews -- first with program leaders, and then with Elisa Silva, managing director of clients + culture, before offer letters go out. Interview questions range anywhere from "Why do you want to work at SS+K? to "What cultural trend do you find most relevant to your everyday life?"

As with most programs, SS+K interns also become part of the agency's "family" for two months and function in a hybrid role across the various disciplines within the agency (account management, brand planning, research, business development, creative). Interns are paired with mentors to learn general agency processes and are staffed on various pieces of business on the agency’s client roster, while concurrently working on an intern group project that's presented at the close of the program. Previous intern projects included a digital game to educate Gen Z on voter suppression and a campaign for the New York Public Library.




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