Jeweler Adds Augmented Reality For Diamond Ring Try-Ons

Helzberg Diamonds has launched an in-store augmented reality feature for selecting rings.

The national retailer’s Virtual Ring Experience allows a consumer to virtually try on more than 100 ring styles in multiple viewing angles. The customer can then share photos of the selections on social media and email to friends and family.

Customers also can see their selected diamond on a 24-inch, 4K monitor in the store.

"Some guests know exactly what they want, while others want to explore an endless aisle of possibilities from the size and shape of a diamond or gemstone, to the metal type, to the setting style,” stated Beryl Raff, chairwoman and CEO of Helzberg Diamonds. “The Virtual Ring Experience is a tool to help customers find the perfect ring and give them greater confidence in their jewelry-purchasing decisions."

The AR feature is part of a strategy focusing on customer interactions in both the digital and physical space. Helzberg now has seven of its 200 stores as “next-generation," featuring the Virtual Ring Experience and other digital enhancements with plans to double the number by later this year.

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