Verizon Media Adds Two Native Ads For Ecommerce, Gaming

Verizon Media has introduced two new mobile native ad units as part of its Moments ad suite that aims to support ecommerce and gaming advertisers.

Touchpoints, a shoppable ad unit for ecommerce in the Moments ad suite, and the Playable ads for games in the Oath suite, are part of the Verizon Media platforms.

The Touchpoints ads are designed to entice the consumer to engage with the ad by tapping a point within the ad to learn more about the product.

Advertisers that were given early access to the feature have reported a 23% increase in return on ad spend and a 35% increase in click-through-rates compared with standard native static ads.

The Playable ads for gaming launch an instant interactive preview of the game with no app-install required.

Advertisers with early access to this ad unit say they have seen from two to four times the conversion rate using this feature compared with the static full-screen interstitial ads.

The two new versions join four existing ad units: Carousel, Panorama, Dynamic Product Ads, and Countdown. 

Verizon Media -- which eMarketer ranks as the No. 5 company in U.S. net digital ad revenue share for 2019 -- has room to grow. The data firm estimates Verizon Media will take a 2.9% U.S. ad market share, compared with Microsoft at 3.8%, Amazon at 8.8%, Facebook at 22.1%, and Google at 37.2%.

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