Amazon Beats Apple, Google In Privacy Survey; Email Most Popular Channel

Amazon is the most trusted tech brand when it comes to privacy. And email is the most popular channel medium, according to Privacy & Personalization, a study by SmarterHQ. 

Of the consumers polled, 48.3% believe Amazon is using their data responsibly.

In contract, only 26.6% feel that way about Apple, and 26.2% about Google. Worse, a mere 6.3% trust social-media companies.

But 51% say that email is the best way to communicate with them. Social media is a distant second, cited by 25%.

Email also figures in the five most-desired marketing tactics: 

  • Special discounts on the products I want on the website and via email
  • Promoting new products/brands I may like on the website and via email and digital
  • Suggested products based on things I’ve bought in the past via email and website
  • Website graphics that remind me to re-purchase items that need to be replaced



Reminders of items I left in my cart on the website and via email. 

SmarterHQ surveyed over 1,000 consumers. 

Of those, 86% are concerned about data privacy, and 79% fear companies know too much about them. 

Yet, 90% are willing to share behavioral data for a better shopping experience.

Shoppers are wiling to let brands collect such data points are products purchased, product categories viewed on websites, length of time since their last visit and email address.

But they don’t want them collecting their name, phone number and physical address unless they volunteer them.

Consumers will share data to:

  • Receive exclusive discounts on products I like — 90%
  • To have issues resolved quickly and hassle-free — 87%
  • To receive back-in-stock alerts for products I want — 85%
  • To receive personalized product recommendations — 82%
  • To find products faster and easier — 81%

But they are easily turned off, although email doesn’t seem to bother them much. Among the creepiest marketing tactics are website chat pop-ups using AI to communicate and push notifications featuring product/brands they previously viewed.

Also, contrary to what some marketers may believe, shoppers dislike push notifications reminding them to re-purchase items that need to be replaced, such as shaving razors, toothpaste, etc.

Overall, 74% feel push notifications are creepier than other channels.

Here are the things that most bother them about marketing:

  • It makes me aware that my data is being used to sell me more products — 57.2%
  • I don’t have an option to opt out — 53.6%
  • I wasn’t told how brands planned on using my data — 41.3%
  • I was unaware that my data was being tracked — 40.1%
  • Incorrect assumptions are made about my likes or interests — 39.4%


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