Argonaut Launches Design Group To Push Brand Experiences

Argonaut is expanding its service offering with Atelier by Argonaut, a new design group to focus on design strategy, brand identity and brand experience.

According to the agency, Atelier’s expertise includes naming strategy, visual systems, brand guidelines, packaging design, digital design, and consumer experience journeys as it relates to a holistic branding and design system, both online and offline. 

Atelier will be headed by Angie McDonald as design director. Previously she was senior art director/designer at Argonaut. She will be joined by a team of new hires and Argonaut staffers. 

"A good design department not only works on key pieces of client work, but is also ingrained in the culture," says McDonald. "It works across departments to solve problems and create systems that work long-term. Whether that’s designing a workspace, an RFP, a cultural program, or an internal newsletter, the design department shouldn’t be a place where projects end up. But a place where every great project begins.”  



RightRice, a new product created by PopChips founder Keith Belling, is the first official client of Atelier by Argonaut. Atelier’s work for RightRice spans digital, OOH and influencer media. 

The division will be housed under the same San Francisco roof of Argonaut. The agency has developed design products for various companies since it first opened in 2013. Now it has decided to formalize the practice. 

“We’re excited to formalize it in a way that will allow us to go after more design-specific projects, to supplement the more traditional branding and campaign work we do," says Hunter Hindman, cofounder-Chief Creative Officer, Argonaut. "Our design talent has never been stronger and we’re eager to see what Angie and the team will do.”  




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