Mmojo Partners With Bombora To Supply B2B Intent Data

Mmojo is partnering with Bombora to provide B2B marketers with intent data for use in targeting likely customers, the firm announced this week.

The arrangement, which integrates Bombora Company Surge data into the Mmojo Data Marketplace, could help B2B brands build their email lists. 

The result is that buying intent reports can now be appended to firms that use Mmojo lists. These reports can spot intent across over 90 categories. Each report relies on Bombora scores. 

The objective is to enable firms to use intent data to “identify target accounts in ‘active demand’ mode and customize conversations,” states Hank Weghorst, Mmojo founder and managing partner.

According to Mmojo, the partnership provides these benefits:

Sourcing: Mmojo users gain access to dozens of free and premium datasets from data providers. This allows firms to avoid having to negotiate separate agreements with each provider, the company says.

Delivery: Mmojo users can click to append data to companies within their lists. They can cross-reference data from different providers and avoid making multiple payments for the same data.

Pricing: There is no charge for appending and viewing data products. However, users pay per record when exporting premium data.

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