Demandbase Adds ABM Analytics Tool For B2B Marketers

Demandbase, a  provider of account-based marketing services, has added an analytics tool to its ABM platform, the company announced during its ABM summit.

Cross-Campaign Analytics allows ABM users to “compare vendors and channels in one place” to reach the right target accounts, states Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase.

Brands can use the new service to track ad campaigns run with Demandbase or through direct publisher buys. They also apply this capability to email initiatives, paid search and demand-side platforms.

Golec adds: “ABM continues to grow and evolve, but one of the biggest challenges that B2B marketers continue to face is the ability to truly understand which investments are successfully reaching accounts and buying committees.”

According to The product provides a single view into campaign performance, using three main criteria:

Precision: The brand can determine whether its programs are zeroing in on buyers, and whether those efforts are reaching target account lists. 

Scale:  Understanding which channels and campaigns are driving the highest volume of on-site interactions from target accounts.

Engagement: Analyze on-site behaviors by account to determine which sources are driving the best engagement.

The company argues that Cross-Campaign Analytics allows to look at all of their campaigns through an ABM lens.

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