6sense Integrates ABM Platform With Salesforce Pardot

6sense, the provider of an account-base orchestration platform, has extended its relationship with Salesforce to integrate with Salesforce Pardot.

The arrangement will help brands orchestra campaigns across a range of channels, presumably including email, digital advertising and website personalization, the company says.

Salesforce Pardot brings execution to the table, and 6sense brings the ability to predict engagement, the firm says. 

The objective is to help firms target the right accounts, the “root of an integrated marketing account campaign,” states Liam Doyle, senior vice president, product management, Salesforce Pardot.

Joint clients such as Agile Frameworks and Mediafly areusing the combined service. Agile Frameworks has seen its pipeline grow by “4x, leading to an increase of 8x in closed deals,” states Alan Littman, chief marketing and sales officer at Agile Frameworks.

According to 6sense, the collaboration allows firms to:

- Create unified account profiles based on known or anonymous buying signals

- Prioritize and segment accounts based on buying signals — i.e., competitive research, predictive in-market scores, website visits and campaign engagement

- Provide sales teams with account-level insights


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