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Marketing Today: Mizzen + Main Perfect Fit For CMO Stephanie Swingle

This week on “Marketing Today,” I speak with Stephanie Swingle, CMO of Mizzen + Main, a company that makes and markets men's shirts using performance fabrics (those traditionally used for athletic wear).

Swingle made the move from consulting early in her career to working in CPG for Pepsi, with a stop in between to earn an MBA from Harvard. After almost five years at Pepsi, she made the leap to the D2C disruptor Mizzen + Main. 

In talking about brands like Mizzen + Main pushing back on the Amazon Effect and the company’s ubiquitous endless shelf, Swingle says, “There’s going to be higher expectations from consumers for things that they consider differentiated or premium. And part of that comes from the increasing standards of transparency and trust.



"And I think that’s a really exciting place to play, when you can be differentiated on product and experience, and just building something that means so much to the consumer and creates that positive value through the strong experience that you’re providing.”

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • Swingle talks about her passion for consumer psychology, her background, and her journey from Big CPG to challenger brand. (1:32) 
  • The Mizzen + Main founder’s story is relatable and meshes with the company's D2C identity. (5:38)
  • Acquisition efficiency and brand experience: Swingle on Mizzen + Main’s move to brick and mortar. (9:32)
  • “I certainly believe that the case to be made for brick and mortar happens earlier in this day than it did probably five years ago.” (15:24)
  • I’m not laughing, you’re laughing: Swingle discusses Mizzen + Main’s “Textile Dysfunction” campaign. (17:20)
  • What’s next for Mizzen + Main? They’re not telling. (26:24)
  • “Taking risks in the right way.” (31:03)
  • “I’m a card-carrying nerd": Swingle reveals what has driven her career. (32:02)

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