'Freaky Fast' Delivery: Jimmy John's Has It All Mapped Out

Last month sandwich chain Jimmy John’s launched a campaign promising not to use third-party delivery services because many people, according to its research, were less-than-satisfied with the service provided.

Now the company is out with a new campaign, like the earlier one done with agency WorkInProgress, touting its own “freaky fast” delivery for its “freaky fresh” sandwiches.

The trick to its fast delivery: only delivering within five minutes from each Jimmy John’s location. According to the company, every so-called “Sandwich Delivery Zone” is carefully mapped, taking traffic and road patterns into account.

And if you happen to live, say, six minutes away from the nearest Jimmy John’s? Well, look at it this way: You only have a six-minute drive to pick up your freaky fresh sandwich, assuming you’re a Jimmy John’s fan.



“We’re obsessed with getting our customers the fastest and freshest sandwich we can, whether in our stores or at their homes,” says the chain’s CMO John Shea. “Mapping our incredibly tight delivery zones means more people fall outside, but it also means a better sandwich for those we serve. We want people to know why we have to draw a line when it comes to freshness.”

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