StickySend Offers Discount To Firms That Jump From Current Email Vendor

The crowded email vendor field saw a new wrinkle today when StickySend, an email service provider, announced it will only accept clients who move over from a competitor. 

Those who move will get a 50% reduction in their bill — forever, the company says.

Prospects must establish eligibility by producing a copy of a recent bill and a screenshot of statistics from a recent campaign sent by their current provider.

This offer does not do much for startups that do not yet have a vendor.

StickySend claims that firms who move over to it will not sacrifice deliverability, functionality, or customer service 

In addition, StickySend offers port over or recreate customers' lists, signup forms, and templates without charge.

The New York-based company says it is operating at a more reasonable profit margin than some email service suppliers. 

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