Dianomi, Pub Ocean Reveal New Solutions For Publishers

Tech companies Dianomi and Pub Ocean announced new innovations to help both publishers and advertisers better target their audiences and hit their revenue goals.

Dianomi debuted outstream native video ads to allow advertisers to target business and finance audiences through immersive native video content. The video ads appear across publishers’ sites, including Business Insider’s Market’s InsiderKiplinger, Reuters and The New Statesman.

The new offering pairs nearly 700 advertisers with top-tier publications relevant to their target audience.

According to the company, its native ads enable additional high-value CPM revenue inside its native content feeds. It claims publishers achieve higher eCPMs in their advertising real estate. Dianomi’s context feed is a large-format user engagement piece of ad-tech combining native advertising, video and editorial content.

Publishers are provided with an environment that can be re-engaged and monetized when a reader has finished an article. They can distribute their proprietary sponsored video content on their own sites and through Dianomi’s network of publisher partners.

In-article video ad unites integrate across desktop and mobile applications, while videos are activated by users scrolling over the ad. Advertisers are able to add an additional layer or targeting through first and third party data. 

The company is set to launch a key word contextual targeting capability for outstream video in Q2 of 2019.

Separately, Pub Ocean and PubExchange have partnered to provide publishers with a revenue attribution tool.

Through the partnership, LiveYield is integrated into PubExchange’s traffic exchange platform, allowing PubExchange to provide its customers with insights related to the value of the traffic they receive and revenue per session.

The partnership is particularly beneficial to publishers with several exchange partners. Through the integration, they will be able to track which partners provide high-value traffic and optimize those partnerships.

LiveYield is now putting a real-time value on the traffic numbers PubExchange clients have today,” stated Chris Ingham Brooke, founder- CEO of Pub Ocean. “Many publishers don’t realize they are missing key metrics that impact their ROI tremendously and allow them to see which partnerships are providing real value. Our partnership with PubExchange helps to solve that marketplace gap.”

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