Nielsen Fans New Flame: Sports Fans, NFL's In The Huddle

Want to know how many Snickers bars the average NASCAR fan buys in a month? How about what cars the average NFL supporter bought recently? Nielsen Sports and AC Nielsen have developed a new product, FANLinks, which will offer advertisers, leagues, teams, and other sports marketers access to sports fans' purchasing and shopping data. The NFL is its first client.

FANLinks will make use of the ACNielsen's Homescan consumer panel, which represents 91,500 households and can slice and dice research in a variety of parameters including consumers' interest in products by team. FANLinks will cover ten professional sports. ACNielsen will grow its panel to 125,000 by October 2005.

This is the second research product offered by the year-old Nielsen Sports division. Last year, it started up Sponsorship Scorecard, which regularly records on-air billboards, logos, and products placed in sporting events.

Sponsorship Scorecard has some 30 clients, including the NFL, PGA, ESPN, NASCAR, and the Professional Bull Riders Association, as well as a number of baseball teams. It offers customers occurrences by brand, duration, household, and demographic impressions, as well as video streaming of each signage.



For instance, during Major League Baseball's All Star game on Fox last month, Gatorade's logo or name was seen 114 times, totaling 9 minutes and 55 seconds. That amounts to 212.2 million impressions among viewers age 18 and older--the most for any TV advertiser.

Next came Budweiser--its name or logo was seen 83 times, a total time of seven minutes and 41 seconds, and 189.1 million impressions. Chevrolet scored 70 times, totaling eight minutes and 22 seconds and 168.9 million impressions. Pepsi's name tallied 53 times, amounting to seven minutes and two seconds, and 139.8 million impressions. SBC Communications had its name or logo seen 25 times, resulting in five minutes and four seconds of total time, and 88.6 million impressions.

Sponsorship Scorecard is similar to Nielsen's Place View product, which offers description, time, duration, and other factors of product placements and product integrations.

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