Hunt Club's Cromydas Embraces Give-First Mentality

This week on “Marketing Today,” I speak with Nick Cromydas, founder and CEO of Hunt Club, a new type of talent company. Cromydas and his company have built  a network of influencers and, through proprietary technology, they refer people from that network to fill positions at high-growth companies, as well as at larger enterprises.



During the course of our conversation, Cromydas, an investor and entrepreneur, talks about the driving force behind Hunt Club, how his life in tennis has been a key influence in his career, and the kind of talent companies must have to thrive.

Conversely, Cromydas also points out how talent looking to join fast-growth companies can jump off the page. “If you’re looking to join a fast-growth entrepreneurial environment,” says Cromydas, “and you have relationships you can leverage and can actually introduce those to the company, or help them and consult for free in certain areas that they need some help with, and  they don’t have the dollars to pay you right now... the more I think you’ll find the world will be opening up from an opportunity perspective.” It all comes from "really thinking about a give-first mentality."

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

  • First rule of Hunt Club: It’s OK to talk about Hunt Club. Cromydas relates the idea behind Hunt Club and how his life in competitive tennis helped him discover recruiting is imprinted in his DNA. (1:28)
  • What Cromydas learned from losing at tennis. (4:26)
  • Cromydas explains the core premise behind Hunt Club: “The best talent lives in our network, and our job is to use technology to power that.” (6:43)
  • Adaptability and the ability to learn: Cromydas on the type of people high-growth companies seek. (11:02) 
  • Cromydas: “Companies and large organizations really need to rethink what types of things they’re offering talent in the digital community.” (14:59)
  • The cultural shift necessary in bringing the spirit of entrepreneurship to big companies. (19:34)
  • Cromydas: “I love the idea of a give-first mentality.” (22:55)
  • Do you hear that? Cromydas on the power of the customer’s voice. (34:01)

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