Boosting Store Traffic, Parisian Style

In Paris people are always on the lookout for a scooter to rent (kind of like CitiBikes in New York).

In a bid to drive more foot traffic to its client, Le Drugstore Parisien, Wunderman Thompson Paris created a marketing campaign called “Parisian Rendez-vous.”

The agency placed dozens of scooters in front of one of the chain’s stores. Parisians tracked them down on their phones and often stopped into the store to shop or browse before going off on their ride.

According to the agency store traffic jumped 50% in just a couple of days. At the same the agency “hijacked” the GPS tracking devices on the scooters to create what it says is “the world’s most geo-localized boutique in the world.” (Research backing up the claim wasn’t immediately available.)

The initial effort lasted two days but is now being extended as a partnership between scooter rental companies and other shops that have capacity outside of their locations to place scooters.



Florent Depoisier, executive managing director, Wunderman Thompson Paris said while the initial concept was created for Le Drugstore Parisien, it could be replicated “for any small business looking for exposure and rides-to-store, not only in Paris but in all major cities. We had small business owners telling us that they would apply for permanent free float parking in front of their store to gain visibility.”

Depoisier called the effort a “billionaire idea” but added, “we are happy to share it for free with the world of small businesses, as it is the spirit of free floating, isn’t it?”


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