Crossmedia Takes The High Ground, Launches Cannabis Media Division

APRIL 20, 2019 -- New York-based independent media agency Crossmedia Inc. today announced a new unit, “XM Grows,” focusing on the burgeoning legal cannabis marketplace.

The new unit is a collaboration with marketing consultancy Dirt Worldwide and data management firm Nacci, and will focus on leveraging data-driven, cross-channel communications planning with outcome-based media activation driven by best in class attribution solutions, including direct-to-consumer marketing channels.

“The consumer landscape is full of a dizzying array of new products and services, from cannabis to blockchain to e-sports. XM Grows addresses the unique needs of marketers at a time of rapid change,” Crossmedia CEO Kamran Asghar states.

The first project of just-launched XM Grows is the launch of a new unit within the unit, Elevate, which the company calls a “first of its kind consultancy” providing marketing, and creative services for companies in the “budding North American cannabis industry.”



No clients were disclosed, but the Elevate page on Crossmedia’s site offers “six essential tips for cannabis marketers.”

Lastly, Ashghar said the unit is investing in “exclusive research in partnership with YouGov” to uncover “granular” insights about current perceptions of cannabis in the U.S.

“Marketers need fresh, relevant data to make decisions. It’s that simple,” he added.

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