DoubleVerify To Announce Further MRC Accreditation

Measurement and analytics company DoubleVerify (DV) will announce Monday that the Media Rating Council (MRC) has renewed previous accreditations and granted it several new ones for viewability on mobile device or desktop.

While there are many renewed items in the audit, after 18 months the new accreditation will include the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab’s new Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK), which launched in April 2018 to facilitate third-party viewability and measurement verification of an ad on a screen.

The MRC has also granted accreditation to DV for measurement of certain custom viewability metrics that meet or exceed the MRC Viewable Impression Measurement Guidelines. It links to the metrics calculated under the Publicis Media Exchange (PMX) requirements, which mandate that 100% of pixels must be in-view on the screen for one second in a display advertisement and for two seconds in a video advertisement before the ad is considered viewable.



Companies like GroupM and Publicis "each have their own viewability standard that's custom to those agencies, but accreditation comes from an industry body like the MRC," said Heather McKim, VP of marketing at DV.

Accreditations are based on MRC standards, even custom standards like the ones offered by Publicis. This "stamp of approval" by industry lead organizations expands globally in other areas based on specific countries. 

"We’re compliant with many different industry guidelines,” said Nicole Priesmeyer, VP of product operations at DV.

Priesmeyer said that as a global company, DV ensures its practices are accredited and certified worldwide, including ABC certification around display and video viewability, as well as fraud prevention. The company also recently became certified in Germany for programmatic advertising.  

Accreditation by the MRC covers metrics based on quality of impressions, such as DV Authentic Impression, invalid traffic and fraud filtration, display and video ad viewability, ad verification, and geo-target validation for DMA on desktop traffic.

The accreditation centers on desktop, mobile web and mobile in-app measurement based on impressions, property-level ad verification functions, sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) detection and filtration, and viewability measurement.

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