Gannett Launches Digital Photography Service, Rebrands USA Today Sports Images

Gannett has expanded its USA Today Sports Images business unit with the launch of Imagn, a full-scale image service expanding well beyond the entity’s former offerings.

Both an editorial image photo agency and a wire service, Imagn anticipates adding 1.8 million images per year to an already extensive sports library, making it what the company claims is the nation’s largest source for editorial images.

Imagn’s library will be stocked with imagery from the sports, entertainment and breaking news worlds provided by USA Today Network photojournalists. The platform also offers specialized coverage by partner SIPA US.

Customers can access Imagn’s library through a flat fee subscription, providing unlimited images for editorial use across all platforms, with the option of three specific content subscriptions, including only sports, only news and entertainment, or a full-package that includes all three.



The wire subscription is modeled for customers with high volume content needs or for those who desire content delivered via API.

“Along with this powerful combination of content, we will continue to be customer driven and innovate and adapt based on our customers and their needs,” stated Bruce Odle, President of Imagn.

“Imagn has the potential to be a game changer in the image licensing business..." said Kate Gutman, head of content ventures.

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