Movable Ink Partners With SmarterHQ To Drive Personalized Visual Emails

Movable Ink is partnering with SmarterHQ to help B2C brands send personalized visual emails based on a customer’s behavior and interests and contextual data such as location, device, weather, price and inventory.

Designed to serve retail, travel & hospitality and financial service brands, the arrangement combines SmarterHQ’s cross-channel data and Movable Ink’s visual experience platform.

Users can provide “visual experiences that drive engagement, revenue and long-term customer loyalty,” states Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink.

One firm that has tried the combined service is Sam’s Club, a chain of members-only retail clubs.

The offering has enabled the brand to “transform our email marketing program with highly personalized promotions and product recommendations that are generated with up-to-date prices and available inventory at the moment of open,” states Emily Collins, senior email marketing manager at Sam’s Club.



According to Movable Ink, brands can:

Display real-time inventory, choosing products based on browsing, cart activity or booking in triggered emails.

Display the customers' loyalty points or rewards balance in triggered emails.

Send a triggered message to urge buyers who have shown interest in a product to buy online it online or in-store, while highlighting the nearest store.

Make use of SmarterHQ's recommendations while displaying visually in email campaigns.

Sharma observes that “achieving a 360-view of the customer is only as good as a brand's ability to act on it.”



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