Tremor Video DSP Leverages Data, Launches Creative Studio

The video advertising platform Tremor Video DSP is launching an in-house creative studio, expanding its relationship with its marketing clients.

The studio is launching with 14 employees, split between New York and Los Angeles, and led by Les Seifer, senior director-head of creative at Tremor Video DSP. The team includes directors, production managers for both video and media, developers and designers.

“We see this pendulum swing between tech and creative as a priority in the industry,” Seifer tells Digital News Daily. “Everybody gets so excited about the tech side, it is easy to forget the end goal is to serve relevant creative to viewers.

"So what people end up doing is re-purposing TV spots and running them on different screens without consideration to anything else, like the environment, or that someone is watching it, or what the viewing habits are.”

Marketers can also bring existing creative for adaptation by the studio, be it video, photos, or GIFs. Or, they can lean on the studio to develop new creative.

Seifer says his team is focused on leveraging the data generated by Tremor Video DSP and applying it to the creative needs of the clients.

If they come to us and say ‘here’s our TV spot, and we know what audiences we need to hit,’ Tremor Video DSP has all the ways to find those different audiences,” Seifer says. “Having that in-house creative studio will enable them to customize that creative.”

The studio has also been developing new technologies for advertising delivery, including a 360-degree video player, augmented reality and stoppable video ad formats.

“I never want those things to be the main thing; those are just tools to make people’s creative relevant and engaging,” Seifer says. “Going forward, our message is always going to be ‘whatever you need. We are always going to try and scale to keep the tech a little ahead of the curve."

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