OOH Pulls In Younger Demos

Out-of-home viewing continues to pull in younger viewers than traditional in-home linear TV -- with plenty of co-viewing.

Nielsen says the average age of OOH viewers is 37; they have an average income of $55,000 and 42% have a college or graduate degree.

The survey took place December 2018, with respondents watching entertainment programming in the past week. The median age of network TV hovers over 50, depending on the network and daypart.

Younger OOH viewers tend to watch in groups. Those 18-24 viewers watch in an average viewing group of 3.5 people. For those 25-34, that group number is at 3.4; and, for 35 and older, it is a 3.2 number.

Nielsen says over one-third of respondents across adults 18 and older surveyed reported watching entertainment programming -- out of the home -- several times a week.



When it comes to advertising, Nielsen says a little more half of those OOH viewers -- around 55% -- talked about a brand/service -- and anywhere from 14% to 22% “shared the brand or product on social media.”

The most viewed OOH content: movies, which racked up a 52% number. Live sporting events, 42%; comedy, 39%; reality TV, 36%; local/national news, 34%; and drama, 30%.

The biggest place for OOH viewing: 65% pointed to “someone else’s home,” with 35% viewing entertainment content in a restaurant or bar.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, May 16, 2019 at 10:39 a.m.

    Once again, I find it odd that Nielsen is conducting small sample surveys---600 OOH entertainment viewers for the total adult pop---when it has supposedly more precise measures of OOH "viewing" from its electronic PPMs which are based on far larger samples, overall. As for the response to advertising questions, these are highly impressionistic, vague and not related to any specific OOH viewing situation nor do they offer comparisons with in-home viewing. Hence they are basically useless.

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