Podcast.co Partners With Spotify, Headliner

Podcast agency and hosting platform Podcast.co is launching in partnership with Spotify and Headliner to distribute and enhance audio content.

Touted as a “no-fuss way” to publish and organize podcasts, Podcast.co was created by the same team as broadcasting platform Radio.co, which launched nearly three years ago. 

Radio.co works with clients such as MC Saatchi, Unicef, the United Nations and Cafe Mambo. The platform powers over 4,500 radio channels and distributes audio to more than 15 million people daily, according to the company.

Podcast.co is a paid product, ranging from $15 to $50 a month, depending on how many podcasts a user operates. 



Podcast.co provides data analytics and insights to podcasters. For example, it tracks how many downloads an episode has or which platforms the audience is listening from.

The platform also offers custom-branded podcast players that can be embedded into a website — or a landing page if users don't have their own websites.

The partnership with Spotify means users will find it easier and faster to submit shows to Spotify, a competitor to Apple’s iTunes, per the company.

“All customers of our hosting platform will benefit in being listed on the Spotify podcasting directory,” stated Podcast.co founder James Mulvany. “Your podcasts immediately become available across a range of platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web etc), giving our customers maximum reach and compatibility for their listeners.”

Clients working with Podcast.co include IFL TV, Tap Management, Co-Op, Famehouse and LUYA, among others.

“In 2019, we are working toward being fully IAB compliant," reads a post on the Podcast.co site. "We will follow a certain set of guidelines set out by IAB so advertising companies will be able to get all the relevant data they need easily."

Headliner, a company that provides solutions for audio discovery on social media, is working with Podcast.co as its U.K. partner to provide Podcast.co customers one-click access to create social videos directly within their platform. This helps creators make audiograms (videos that often display captions and sound waves) and trailers for their podcasts.

“Promoting your podcast across social channels using video clips (known as audiograms) is a popular option for podcasters. It allows podcasters to increase their reach significantly,” stated Mulvany.

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