Hilton Honors Partners With Lyft

Hilton Honors, the hotel chain’s loyalty program with 89 million members, is partnering with rideshare company Lyft. 

The loyalty members will now be able to earn Hilton Honors Points when they ride with Lyft. Sign-up is available on a dedicated web page

The partnership follows others the hotel company has entered into with major brands, including Live Nation and American Express.

“We know ridesharing is important to our members and extends beyond getting to and from our hotels to a function they rely on nearly every day,” states Mark Weinstein, senior vice president and global head of customer engagement, loyalty and partnerships at Hilton. “The Lyft partnership is yet one more example of how we’re connecting with a category that will allow us to do just that -- make the travel experience better and connect authentically with our members.”



Customers don’t always have a reason to engage with Hilton on an everyday basis, which is why the company is always looking for ways to connect with members more regularly, through partnerships, products, rewards, and experiences, he adds.

This is the first time in the hospitality space that members are allowed not only to earn points, but will soon have the ability to switch out points, too, he says. Later this year, Hilton will offer members the ability to redeem their Hilton Honors Points for Lyft credits.

Both companies share an interest in cutting their environmental footprint, says David Baga, chief business officer at Lyft.

“What excites me most about the future of travel is the increased opportunity and interest that organizations have to make a meaningful impact at scale on the communities they operate in,” Baga states. “I hope to see other brands adopt a similar mindset where tech and travel can come together to provide the best user experience while also making a positive impact.” 

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