Tremor Video DSP Adds Inventory From Outstream Video, DOOH

The programmatic video advertising platform Tremor Video DSP says it is adding outstream video and digital out-of-home (DOOH) video to its supply formats.

The company is betting these new formats, alongside existing inventory, will enhance engagement and make it easier for marketers to reach more consumers through one DSP.

The less-intrusive nature of these ads, along with their expanded reach and contextual relevance, makes them far more valuable for brands and advertisers,” says Jay Baum, head of global partnerships for Tremor Video DSP.

“Having your video viewed in premium environments enables further engagement with consumers more likely to be receptive to your brand,” he adds.

On the DOOH side of the business, the company now counts GSTV as a platform partner. GSTV operates screens at thousands of gas stations across the country. Both GSTV and Tremor Video DSP use Dstillery data to optimize impressions.

In the case of outstream video, the company will offer three formats: in-article, in-feed and slider. All will be available across a variety of publisher websites and platforms. Research has suggested that outstream video ads may be somewhat more effective than traditional video ads in terms of maintaining consumer engagement, with viewers watching, on average, 25% longer.



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