Promos Rise For Summer TV Series

Summer TV promotion activity is higher this year, collectively, for all TV networks.

Media value -- from TV networks' own airwaves and paid advertising -- is at $84.6 billion, yielding a total 75.9 billion impressions (65.3 billion coming from live impressions) for the month period between April 28 and May 27, according to 

Impression data comes from national linear, national time-shifted, local, video-on-demand and OTT platforms.

A year ago, over the same period, media value was $52.6 million for 67 billion total impressions -- with 57 billion coming from live TV impressions.

The biggest individual players this year -- in terms of share of impressions -- are CBS, at an 8% share; NBC, 6.9%; ABC, 6.1%; Disney Channel, 4.1%; and Investigation Discovery, with 3.7%. A year ago: CBS had a 7.1 share, followed by NBC at 6.5%; ABC with 6.3%; Disney Channel at 4.2%; and HGTV with 3.7%.



For broadcast networks, the biggest TV promotion efforts have been around CBS’ new drama “Blood & Treasure,” with 325 airings and 668.3 million impressions. ABC’s live broadcast/update of two classic sitcoms, Norman Lear’s "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons,” was at 898 airings/489.5 billion impressions.

Next comes NBC’s competition reality series “Songland” at 957 airings/471.1 billion impressions; Univision’s telenovela “La Reina Soy Yo” at 1,051 airings/288.4 billion impressions; and another CBS drama, “The Red Line,” with 130 airings/258.5 billion impressions.

The largest new cable TV series were topped by reality shows: HGTV’s “Christina on the Coast” (5,514 promo airings/856 million impressions); HGTV’ “Property Bros: Forever Home” (3,594 airings/445.3 billion impressions); and Animal Planet’s “The Aquarium” (2,631 airings/421.8 billion impressions).

National Geographic Channel’s new drama “The Hot Zone” had 2,837 airings and 625 million impressions.

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