Consumers Worldwide Are Only Dimly Aware Of GDPR: Study

Brands are failing consumers by not telling them — clearly — how their data is being used in the wake of GDPR, according to a study by Ogury. But consumers are partly to blame too.

Only 8% worldwide have gained a better understanding of how their data is being used since GDPR took effect in May 2018. And of those who read consent forms and privacy policies — a mere 7% — 52% don’t understand what is happening with their data. 

As might be expected, U.S. consumers are in the dark, with 58% saying they don’t understand how their information is utilized, and 37% who say they don’t know what GDPR is.  

But European consumers, who might be expected to be better informed, don’t know either — 39% are unaware of what GDPR is. 

“These might be disheartening numbers for lawmakers and regulators, who will have no doubt hoped for a far greater level of understanding from the very consumers that GDPR is designed to protect,” states Thomas Pasquet, co-founder and CEO of Ogury. “But marketers should similarly take heed of this admission by users that the message is not getting through in sufficient numbers.” 



Pasquet adds: “Businesses need to deeply understand what GDPR is and in turn educate consumers around the importance of data sharing. This level of consumer education will become increasingly important across the globe.”

However, this level of education is beginning to ramp up in the U.S., as the California Consumer Protection Act approaches, Pasquet says.

Moreover, despite privacy concerns, 71% globally are willing to share their contact details and data from their mobile apps and website usage in return for free access to apps and online content.   

This “tells us clearly that consumers are willing to contribute to preserve a free internet as long as the exchange is fair and respected,” states Elie Kanaan, CMO, Ogury.

Ogury surveyed 287,571 mobile users in the U.S., Germany, Spain, Italy, France and the UK. Of these, 139,180 were in the U.S.

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