Captivate Will Distribute First Media Content

Captivate is teaming up with First Media to distribute short-form content from its social-first media brands to screens in office elevators and lobbies.

First Media’s food and lifestyle content from its popular brands So Yummy and Blossom will be displayed on Captivate's 12,000 screens in the coming weeks, reaching 13 million working professionals, according to the company.

Captivate will also syndicate articles from So Yummy and Blossom’s sites, in addition to video.

Captivate partners with publishers to display their content on screens in elevators and lobbies in metropolitan areas. Captivate announced a partnership with Scripps-owned video news outlet Newsy in March.



So Yummy and Blossom generate 1.5 billion video views each month. The brands' videos often focus on food and home “hacks.”

As people spend more time at the office, Captivate can provide news, information and entertainment during the day at their workplace, stated Kate Scanlan, content director at Captivate.  It "serves as a welcomed break in their workday," she added.

On average, an elevator ride is 67 seconds, according to Scanlan.

First Media CEO Guy Oranim stated the deal is a way for the brands to reach “millions of executives every day” and is another distribution channel for the company’s short-form content.

First Media’s social brands live on social-media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snap and Tik Tok.

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