Insite Offers Email List Reminders And Sharing Features

Insite Software has launched a new version of its ecommerce platform.

InsiteCommerce 4.5.0 facilities email list sharing and helps with search, the company says, with customer list sharing and security features.

The platform was upgraded based on customer feedback, says Steve Shaffer, CEO of Insite Software.

According to the company, the new features include:

  • Email List Reminder — This tool allows marketers to set email reminders and to reorder items on a recurring basis from a specific email list list, the firm says.
  • List Share for Multiple Customers — Insite’s list can help brands share lists with large groups of customers. Users can create, manage and share the lists from within the Admin Console.
  • Search Enhancements —These improvements enable brands to better configure their multi-word and phrase search logic, the firm says.
  • Bad Actor Prevention — This helps companies decide who can be on their site and who can’t. It prevents visitors from scraping information for other uses.
  • Shop by Brand Enhancements — These allowusers to perform search and boost and bury functions for brands and product lines. Firms can use it to raise the visibility of certain brands, the company says.



In addition, Insite has updated its inRiver Connector. InsiteCommerce 4.5.0 talks to the Connector to allow inRiver cloud implementations.




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