'The Washington Post' Focuses On Local With New Travel Vertical 'By The Way'

Bolstered by reader feedback asking for more travel coverage, The Washington Post has launched a new digital product called “By The Way,” edited by Amanda Finnegan.

Consisting of a dedicated vertical, newsletter and Instagram, “By The Way” is meant “for travelers who want a true local experience in the world’s most popular destinations.”

The newsletter is mailed every Thursday.

“By The Way” accessed a wide network of journalists and authors across 50 cities to compile hyper-local guides for popular destinations. The product is supported by the tagline: “Detours with locals. Travel tips you can trust.”

Adding deeper engagement, readers will have the chance to vote on other destinations they’d like to see covered.



In a post introducing “By The Way,” The Washington Post noted: “You’re on vacation, harried and hungry from sightseeing, so you grab your smartphone to find the perfect place to eat. As you walk in, the tables are full and the walls are dotted with seemingly authentic touches. But as you sit down, you quickly realize that everyone is just like you: a tourist. You’re not in a local hangout at all.”

“By The Way” writers will guide readers to favorite neighborhoods, eateries and activities, while providing them with local advice to create a meaningful experience.

For example, one of the first posts on the vertical is a Perspective piece called “How to ditch an itinerary and discover a city.” It offers tips on how to access a new destination, such as: “Walk different paths” or “Avoid making reservations” through a conversational tone."

The guides will be accompanied by the latest travel news and trends. 

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