NatGeo, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Partner For Docu-Special, Promote Sustainability

National Geographic and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters are taking viewers on a journey from Costa Rica to Vermont with their long-form docu-special “Mountain Crafted: The Art of Good Coffee” set to air June 27. 

Artist Trek Kelly hosts the special, visiting plantations, learning about harvesting coffee and the rituals surrounding the beverage, ultimately putting a human face on a beverage enjoyed worldwide.

Kelly recalls being exposed to cultures as a child, thanks to his father’s collection of National Geographic. Green Mountain and National Geographic share a similar ethos in that way, Kelly says. Both brands encouraging a curiosity about places and cultures not widely known to the average person.

“Green Mountain is a global brand, and the places they derive their products from are locations where culture still has an intact identity,” Kelly told Publishers Daily. “Teaming up for a docu-special with a brand like Green Mountain allows it to showcase what’s interesting about their coffee — and what’s interesting about the world.”



The docu-special will be cross-promoted on Nat Geo’s platforms, including a Facebook Live segment from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Café in Vermont feature Kelly, Instagram Stories ahead of the special’s on-air date on National Geographic Channel and social promotion across Nat Geo’s main and travel account to drive traffic to the video on demand page.

The docu-special is a way to inspire viewers to think more deeply about the world and their place in it, while promoting sustainable practices.

Scott Christensen, senior marketing director, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, stated:  “Through [National Geographic’s] mission to help deepen people’s understanding of the world and their role in it, we were able to show the dedication and hard work of our coffee farmers and all that goes into bringing the world a richer, better cup of coffee.”
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